​​​MANAGEMENT: 310.497.7255 - CALL TODAY  


UP TO 12,782 SqFt  - 8 AVAILABLE RENTAL UNITS and/or LAND RENTAL / STORAGE OPTIONS (5,000-30,000 SF).  TIs credited.


  • (1) 13100 Pearblossom Hwy Tire Shop / Auto  / Gas Station or ??;
  • (2) & (3) -- 13120A &13120B Pearblossom Hwy --  RESTAURANT AND/OR BAR (3 BA; Fridge) - 1,900 to 4,000 sqft;
  • (4) 13114 Pearblossom Hwy- 2400sqft (former Liquor Store/Market);
  • (5) 34144 Longview Rd (huge lobby - see bleow) - $1250 --- 99 CENTS/RETAIL/OFFICE/MARKET; LOTS OF PAVED PARKING.
  • (6) 13118A Pearblossom Hwy - 1,500 sqft - $750 (formerly $1,500))
  • (7) 13118B Pearblossom Hwy - 700 sqft (4 rooms incl. bathroom w/ shower / $525; formerly $750) ;
  • (8) 13122 Pearblossom Highway - FILMING / BASECAMP USE: Shopping Center Land (5,000 or 10,000 or up to 30,000 sqft) Available for Rent --  rent reduced by 60%; no power currently / use generators or solar). 

​FILMING / BASECAMP & DESERT PHOTOGRAPHY (LOW RATES!) :  Call Landlord at (310) 497-7255 for details, video/photos, siteplan / floor plans.   PB Square jas had Amazon (Transparent, Goliath).  AUDI commercials.  Netflix Studios.  PICROW Escrow (Basecamps), Australian Music Videos, and much more.   Webisodes. Commercials. Indy. Music Videos. Photography Shoots.  We have low day rates ($600 to $1,250)  for Filming / Basecamp (see filming & photo shoot links above for examples). Great high desert FILMING & Parking / Basecamp location.  Video links below.  Call today!

*VIDEO LINK #1*: https://youtu.be/8YVCrfVgnmc
VIDEO LINK#2:https://youtu.be/_-3EVjJt0T8

13122 Pearblossom Highway: 

13120A &13120B Pearblossom Highway --  RESTAURANT AND/OR BAR (3 BA; Fridge) - 1,900 to 4,200 sqft; : Hwy 138 adjacent; Lots of paved parking.  1,900-4,200 sq ft (for Club/Bar/Saloon).  CALL MANAGEMENT (PETE) AT (310) 497-7255 TO ARRANGE WALK THROUGH AND DISCUSS LEASING OPTIONS.

$1250 / 2216ft2 - NEW!: Retail/Office --- Huge lobby - Storgage area. Call Today! (Pearblossom)

This space is newly available. Landlord motivated to rent out at $1250 (or best offer). Power restoration pending.  

Address: 34144 Pearblossom Highway (by Hwy 138 & Longview Rd / 5 min East of Palmdale).

3 Yr Tenant (KOI DYNASTY) just vacated in order to relocate for more power. Unit is clean and move-in ready but has no power currently (Tenant can use solar or generator until power is restored -- Landlord will work with tenant). Available for rent as of November 2017.

Video Link--> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M8tDzIfphaE&list=UUujgksnA8JvkjdjgDtUh-aA

More info/floorplan/videos & photos at http://www.PearblossomSquare.com 34144 Longview Road.

Landlord motivated to rent as soon as possible. No time will be wasted. Call today show contact info ). All offers will be considered.

SPACE HAS TONS OF PAVED PARKING AND EXCELLENT CLOSE BY VISIBILITY FROM PEARBLOSSOM HIGHWAY (kitty corner from Longview Road & Hwy 138 intersection (with traffic light!)).

This space is available in July 2017. Landlord motivated to rent out at $525 (previously rented at $750).  Rent is negotiable (depending on tenant advance payments).  Unit has paid water.  No electricity currently but tenant can use solar/generators.

Address: 13118-B Pearblossom Highway.  by Hwy 138 & Longview Rd / 5 min East of Palmdale).
 Video Link: http://youtu.be/wZ3fqIb5J4s 

See also the website at http://www.PearblossomSquare.com

NO POWER BUT LANDLORD PAYS WATER.  Available to Rent : Office/Retail shop (13118-B Pearblossom Highway).. The 700 sq ft space (3 rooms + 1 bathrooms w/ separate shower) is right by the corner of Hwy 138 and Longview Rd  . Floor plan ....There is a short videoclip online (see link in this ad)...

Please feel free to forward link to people who might be interested in renting. http://youtu.be/wZ3fqIb5J4s

$525 (OBO) -- please call to discuss leasing options. If you have any questions, call property managment at posted Property Management Contact #. Thank you.
Landlord motivated to rent as soon as possible. No time will be wasted. Call today (310.497.7255). All offers will be considered.

UNIT#4:13114 Pearblossom Hwy-  $2700 monthly (negotiable / reduced by 50% for power repairs (full credit towards rent).  Call for more details. 

​Photos below & to the right.

 YouTube Video Link (2 min 14 sec):

Rent reduced July 2017 -- now : 775. Due to electrical rewiring requirement -- a fantastic deal! More info/floorplan/videos & photos at Pearblossom Square Shopping Center Website (http://www.PearblossomSquare.com).

13114 Pearblossom Highway - Available for rent now at $1300 monthly. 20k to 30k cars & trucks drive by daily. Traffic light at intersection. Call property management today at (310) 497-7255.   All offers will be considered. 

Newly remodeled space. New tiles. Power/Water connected. Owner pays for Water and Electric). Bathroom. Newly tiled Floor. Lots of wall and shelving space. Interior actual storage room. Large seating area with elevated stage and private bench seating. Additional storage rooms adjacent. High Ceilings and private storage rooms and rest area/private office. 



Restaurant (former pizzeria) space available -- 2,300 to 4,400 sq ft .

Tenant restaurant vacated in May 2017 due to an unexpected emergency involving power issues. Rent has been discounted substantially by Landlord.  Call for details and to arrange walk-through.

LOCATION: 13120A & B Pearblossom Highway ;Serving Hwy 138 drivers & communities of Pearblossom, Little Rock, Juniper Hills & Phelan (from Palmdale/Lancaster East on the 138/18 towards Victorville and Las Vegas!). 
Large seating area with elevated restaurant counter, new kitchen & hood, and private bench seating. Additional storage room included. High Cielings and private storage rooms & 2nd floor rest area/private office. Everything is ready to Go! This is an exceptional value / deal and will rent quickly. Call to see and arrange a walkthrough/discuss leasing options.


 LAND SPACE AVAILABLE FOR RENT - Easy to add Mobile Commercial (or Housing) unit/storage bins.  Also to connect power/water if desired.  5,000 sqft, to 10,000 TO UP TO 30,000 SQFT  (for month to yearly rentals -- or on per diem basis for Filming/Basecamp purposes)



5,000 to 30,000 sqft - fenced off lot area/ Commercial Zoning Compliant 

 Zoning compliant (C-RU / Commercial - Rural) and ready to lease/rent for $500 (or best offer) monthly. See photos.  Call property management at (310) 497-7255 if you have questions or would like to schedule walk through and lease option discussion. 

13118-A (1,500 sqft - 5 rooms; 2 bathrooms; kitchentte)--- This space is available in July 2017. Landlord motivated to rent out at $750 (previously rented at $1500).  Unit has paid water.  No electricity currently but landlord will work with tenant with the lower rent ($750) until power is obtained.  Rent will stay at $750 for a minimum of one year.  5 Minutes East of Palmdale.

VIDEOCLIP (SHORT).  Click here for 2 min 17 sec videoclip ---> https://youtu.be/U3O46o0HhRM

 13118-A Pearblossom Hwy (1500 sf; 2Ba+5Rms; Hwy 138) -  Great location.  Hwy traffic is 25,000 plus daily.  Retail, Market, Storage, Office or ?...  / 2 Bathrooms; 5 rooms includes a small kitchennete. Tons of parking.   
All Utilities Paid by the Landlord (Water, Power/Electric & Trash)!! 
1,500 Sq. Ft. 5 rooms. Faces Hwy 138/Longview Rd. Bathroom w/ Kitchenette. Security.

 Utilities Paid (Water, Electric &amp; Trash). Private Parking. Newly tiled. 
VISIBLE &amp; EASY ACCESS FROM FWY Move in Ready. Fully renovated. 
New Paint. Tons of space. Excellent condition. Plenty of paved parking. 
Video Link for 13118-A Longview Rd.:
Click here for 2 min 17 sec videoclip ---&gt; https://youtu.be/U3O46o0HhRM
Available to Rent : Office/Retail shop (13118-A Pearblossom Hwy). The 1,500 sq ft space (5 rooms (inbcluding a small kitchenette) + 2 bathrooms &amp; kitchenette) is right by the corner of Hwy 138 and Longview Rd.  Move-in Ready. Repainted walls. New floor tiles.
$950 - Please call (310) 497-7255 to discuss leasing options.